I choose the rooms
that I live in with care ...

– Leonard Cohen
Tonight Will Be Fine


Carter Design is a full-service interior design firm founded by Genevieve and Cy Carter in 2009. We have a versatile range of styles from modern to classic, but always timeless with a sense of wit. Our mission is to work closely with our clients to express their lifestyle, personality and sensibility. Each project is a unique and joyous expression of how our client lives, works, and plays.

We also have expertise in commercial spaces, hospitality and branding. For commercial clients, we deliver a clean and clear presentation of style and vision.

When we are not running our firm, we can be found pursuing our creative passions. Genevieve is a painter and Cy is an actor in theater, television and film. We have found our creative endeavors bring a unique sense of artistry, team leadership and vision to our firm. Genevieve has also designed two wallpaper patterns available here.



Author Leonard Koren encapsulated our approach in Wabi Sabi, Further Thoughts, in which he wrote about the transcendent possibility of materials and their “power to propel us into the eternal now.” At Carter Design, we believe in materials that have an inherent sense of craft and integrity. We create surroundings with character that honor the people, place, history, and environment of each project. Whether we are redesigning a Midcentury Modern in Los Angeles, California, an 18th century clapboard in Cambridge, Massachusetts, or a new construction on the plains of Texas, the end result is organic, personal and timeless.